Star, Texas

"I highly recommend Linda Hem, she understands the matter at hand and is very educated on providing a resolution to all issues that we had. She has worked on this case for only 2 months and cleaned up so much of the mess that was involved prior to her  representation. We are forever grateful for her services and will definitely hire her again without hesitation."

Sheri, Texas

"Linda Hem is the best lawyer I have worked with.  She is personable and proficient in her job in whatever matter she undertakes.  I could not have gone through all these stresses of life, which unfortunately at times overwhelm most of us, without her help.  Her staff is knowledgeable, friendly, gracious, and hard working.  What a gem I have found in this ever-growing city of Dallas."

Frank, Texas

"I've known Linda for many years and have never been disappointed in her work and how caring she is.  Linda has helped me with child support and custody issues and I've always been very happy with the outcome."
"Linda es in gran ayuda para la Gente hispana Ella lucha por lo que es bien y por sis clientes yo nunca buscare otro o otra abogada mientras que esta Linda en Dallas."

Kailey, Texas

" The staff at Linda Hem Law was incredible to work with. They are professional, attentive, honest and compassionate. Ms. Hem kept us informed throughout our process and her staff was equally as dedicated to our case and it was also a pleasure to work with her team. Thank you so much for handling our case promptly and for making this process go very smoothly and stress free. If you are looking for an all-star lawyer, Linda Hem is the one to go to in the DFW area! I highly recommend this law firm to anyone.  You won't regret it!"

Anita, Texas

"Seriously, go see Linda Hem. She is an A+++ attorney.  Here's why:  I first met with attorney Linda Hem for a name change for myself.  She was very friendly and was always available to answer any questions I had.  A quick meeting at court and my name was changed.  Super simple process.  Well once all that was completed I thought I wouldn't need an attorney again but I was wrong.... Fast forward to just a few months later.  My wife and I took in her niece and nephew for what was supposed to be short term care.  Not realizing at the time that these kids were meant to be with us.  We decided to fill for permanent custody.  Mrs. Hem searched and tracked down their birth father and she did all of the leg work and put in the time for us and she located him. After back and forth court hearings with their birth parents, the both decided it was in the children's best interest to sever their rights.  So Mrs. Hem ended up helping both of us obtain full permanent custody of the kids with hopes that we could adopt as the next step.  She was always excellent in court and was nothing but professional before the judge, each and every time.  We really have nothing but kind words for this office and I would personally recommend her to anyone.  She is an EXCELLENT attorney!"

Graciela, Texas

"I definitely recommend Linda Hem & her team. Linda & her team helped my family get my brother back! They've done a fantastic job! You won’t be disappointed."